Our Brand



Doctors are our modern day heroes.

With every diagnosis and prescription is another chance to see life’s beauty.

But even heroes need help.

Heroes need reliable partners to help build a better, safer world.

And it is precisely in these times that we, Scheeling, come in to play a significant role–

to provide products that are effective, competitively priced, and reliable.

Products that doctors can rely on for their patients’ health.

But more than our products, what we really take pride on is our people.

People whose work are also inspired by the challenge of creating a healthier world.

People who are sensitive to doctors’ and patients’ needs.

So we make sure to serve our doctors with nothing less than honesty and sincerity.

At Scheeling, we are thorough before we recommend.

We are honest before we impress.

We show up.

We are consistent.

We do what we say.

And that, above anything else, is what we consider the real formula towards the creation of a safer, healthier world.

A sincere relationship between health care experts, operating in honesty.

A sincere relationship you can count on. Always.